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PureKana sells four different flavors of their classic CBD vape pen. Once the pen runs out of juice or battery, you can throw it out. The issue with a transdermal patch is that CBD simply doesn’t absorb well through the skin. This is one of the first CBD topicals for joint pain we’ve seen to specifically include CBG . CBG is another cannabinoid that’s been gaining a lot of attention lately for its anti-inflammatory and joint-supportive benefits.

I am now able to function to a degree where the pain is livable. I have had three back surgeries, and was told I need two more. The CBD has been keeping me out of the hospital.

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That’s all that it actually boils down to, really. Use this PureKana coupon code to save 15% off while shopping for its products. Choose from best-quality CBD oil, capsules, gummies & much more.

  • When I try to put my visa number in it gets all glitchy.
  • Ordered it on a Wednesday, and received it by the next Tuesday .
  • Remember – the traces of THC in your oil depend on everything from hemp farming location and procedure all the way to the CBD concentration in the final product.
  • After this I’ll order from Amazon where I have recourse.
  • We buy CBD products and test them at an independent testing facility for accurate levels of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids.
  • We sent this product to an independent lab to see what’s inside.

I’m experiencing the same but I am not waiting 2 weeks for this. I called my bank and filed a claim so I can get my money back. My bank gladly filed my claim and will debit my account back. I don’t have the time to wait and they couldn’t give me a ship date.

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PureKana’s CBD gummies are 100% vegan and are made with all-natural ingredients. For example, all of the flavorings are produced by a variety of juice concentrates. CBD gummies are ideal for those looking for on-the-go consumption.

I’ve tried their CBD oil, and a taking a few drops each day for a couple of weeks did absolutely nothing for my stress and anxiety. This led me to do a little research on CBD oil and the appropriate dosage to relieve anxiety.

You can get the standard CBD capsule , as well as a PM version and AM version . They offer the best value for the money overall, have a high absorption-rate, and allow for precision dosing. PureKana has a few innovative product options — like their CBD beverage enhancers or CBD toothpicks.

Pure Kana